Changes and the Eye of a Needle

I grew up KNOWING that the only constant in the Universe is change.  By the time I graduated high school, I had moved more than 22 times. This doesn’t count the times we moved before I went to school. These 22 moves were only the time I spent going from school to school to school.

What this afforded me was the opportunity to be an extrovert. I learned to make friends quickly. It’s only been in the latter part of my life that I haven’t moved as much. During the last 28 years of my life, I’ve moved 4 times.

Everything is Changing

But things are changing and we’re getting ready to move again.

Since I married my husband Gordon in 1998, more of the things I’ve ever wanted have shown up in my life. I’ve achieved the biggest dreams in my life after he and I hooked up. Maybe it was because I called him up from the universe and he called me up — I don’t know.  But yes, I used the laws of the Universe to draw him to me.

For the last year, I’ve been working from home — a huge dream fulfillment for me — only I turned my dream job into just another form of riding on the rat wheel. It’s amazing how we do this to ourselves because of the unconscious limitations we’ve placed on ourselves — without us even knowing we have done so. And now that is changing too — the time has come to let everything that does not resonate go, regardless of how it appears on the surface.

Like clockwork, 2012 has become the pivotal point of change for my husband and me. It reminds me of what Gregg Braden’s book “Fractal Time” was all about: the cycles of life and the huge changes we are all facing. Life truly does move in cycles and my husband and I have come to a brand new cycle of life that we are embracing wholeheartedly — even though to some it may look like failure from the outside.

We are moving from the home that we designed, built and created ourselves into something smaller. The universe has shown us that it is time to simplify. “When everything changes, change everything,” Neale Donald Walsch said that and he is 100 percent correct. We are moving from the “letter of law” into pure flow.  I have found that Spirit — Universe — Flow moves best when unemcumbered — in the simple things. The more complex or complicated something is — the easier it is to trap the energy flow from Spirit and stagnate yourself. The more baggage you carry, the more places for energy to get stuck.

Letting Go

We’re letting go of everything that does not serve us. We are starting over.

Spirit — Universal Flow — Source — won’t be contained. If there is one thing I know about Spirit, Father Mother God of All That Is — is that IT is fluid, flow, movement.  Spirit will not be kept in a box.

Source starts at LOVE. Pure unconditional love. If you don’t feel that love, then you are not in touch with the Source within. This is not because you have done something wrong, rather it is because the ego consciousness within you (set up when we were created as ‘separate’ from Source) is perpetuating the idea that you are not connected to Source, that you are separate from Source and everything that you see.

This is the first lie that you have believed: you are disconnected. The second lie is that there is something wrong with you.

You are always connected. All of us are. Even the bad guys.

You may not be aware of the connection until you die, but it is there.

It is what powers your life, It is the very air that you breathe.

The act of breathing is the representation of that connection.

The ego mind would have you believe that you are disconnected and that it is because of something that you have done wrong.


First off — right and wrong, good and bad — these are illusions. Father Mother God of All That IS does not “see” or even perceive good or bad, because if IT did, you would not exist. Source is ONE at its core. It is only in the physical reality we call life that we divide the life into these polarities, but in truth, on a spiritual level — there is no division — IT is one and the same.

And how you judge an event or circumstance in your life will determine the opportunities available to you from the event. If you deem an event is “bad” then you have judged it, set it in stone and locked all potential ‘good’ from coming to you through the event. That is why we need forgiveness — to mend this oversight. But once you understand that everything is and always will be in perfect harmony and balance, regardless of how it “appears” you no longer need forgiveness because you are in complete allowance of All That Is. Forgiveness is to get you back to the state of Oneness. Once you understand the permanence of that, the true and only thing that does not change, regardless of the Form it takes, you no longer need “that which is in part,” as Paul said in Corinthians, because “that which is perfect is come.”

Yes we create our experiences through our thoughts, emotions and words. When you say “I am sad” or “I am happy” you are telling the Universe what you are and the Universe rushes to deliver you the energy of that. The sad or happy part of it is defined by you — not the Universe. I have known these truths since the early 1980s, and as I mature and age, like fine wine, the truths of the Spirit deepen and become more rich.

Knowing these truths has not kept me from creating “bad” experiences in my life.  When the “bad” shows up, though not at first, I always look for the gift from the Universe. I know that you cannot have the “bad” without the “good” when you are dealing in polarities. It is when you move beyond polarities that you can realize that everything that shows up is “good,” regardless of how it may appear on the surface, even if others would judge it bad.

I speak from personal experience here.

Most people get the idea that there is some “place” to get to where no “bad” things happen. Let me assure you that if you believe that, then when a “bad” thing shows up in your life, even though you have been thinking the right thoughts, speaking the right words and doing everything you think possible to just have the “good,” you’ll be asking yourself, “what did I do wrong?”

You may even judge yourself.


There is nothing wrong. You have done nothing wrong.

Love doesn’t care about how it appears to the world when it shows up on your doorstep.

Maybe it appears the way it does, because that is the only way that Spirit can get you to listen.

If you find that you are fearful or scared about the events in your life right now — please do one thing — stop and breathe. Breathe deeply from your belly. Stop and focus on your breathing for no more than five minutes. Close your eyes, breathe through your nose, not your mouth and breathe from your belly, not your chest. If you can do this for just five minutes, slowly, not rapidly, you will notice things change in your body.

I think of the cycles of our life like the figure 8 laying on its side. The infinity symbol if you will. The place in the middle I perceive like a black hole that we must go through to get to the other side.

The Eye of the Needle

It reminds me of the “Eye of  A Needle,” the scripture that many have used to imply that being “rich” is bad because of the words of Jesus, “it is easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle then to enter into the kingdom of Heaven.”

As the story goes, though there is no proof for it, the Eye of a Needle was a solitary gate into the city of Jerusalem at night. Cities were walled in those days to keep out desert bandits and robbers. Having a solitary gate open at night was the easiest way to control traffic into the city. This gate was only big enough for a man to walk through — or a camel to crawl through once all its provisions had been moved from its back. This kept anyone from trying to sneak into the city at night with a proverbial Trojan horse. Once the camel was stripped down it could make it through the gate.

Many believe Christ to have meant that you can’t be rich and enter the kingdom of Heaven.

I prefer to think that it means you can’t get into the Kingdom of Heaven (which is within you) without letting go of all of your emotional, energetic baggage. Symbolically, my husband and I are experiencing this by letting go of that which does not serve us any more. for me, I am going through an internal cleaning and cleansing unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I am learning that some of the things that I have taken on in my life are because of untruths I’ve believed about myself. I’m letting all these go.

We spent three years building our dream house and the last 12 years trying to maintain it.  We’ve done it all ourselves with little help from contractors — and no experience to begin with. In this process we moved away from the meaning of why we were together in the first place and put all of our energy into a “thing.” While beautiful, this “thing” no longer serves us, so we are moving. We are going through the “Eye of the Needle,” and entering our “Kingdom of Heaven.”

Because of this, we are both beginning to feel freer than we have in years. We find it very significant that all this is happening this year.

The Universe is a wonderful place to be — and everything is perfect.

I’m sharing this because even though I’ve been on my spiritual journey for a long time — when this first began I experienced deep fear unlike any I’ve experienced for a long, long time. I transmuted that fear because it was silly really — and realized that underneath that I deemed fear was really a sense of excitement for what is to come. Now at nearly 59 years old, if this can happen to me — and I have my sea legs — what about those people who are not as aware who might be frightened out of their minds?

There’s so much going on in the world and the media that it can seem frightening indeed, especially when you don’t have the inner eye tuned to the “Spirit” channel inside to give you the real truth. If you want to experience freedom from fear, it’s time to turn the channel.

If you feel a bit squished about the edges, maybe Spirit is getting you ready to take you through your “Eye of the Needle” — whatever it may be for you — as it is very personal.

If so, just remember that you are perfect, you are whole (even though you may not FEEL like it) and be ready for some amazing events to unfold in your life.

Even though you may not believe me I’m going to tell you anyway: I love you.

I love you because the Spirit that lives within me lives within you and we are One — and I love  myself. There is nothing that you have done that cannot be forgiven.

It’s time for you to forgive yourself and accept who You Really Are — a Divine Child of the Universe.

And if you’re feeling squished — the Universe may be bringing something really wonderful to you. Don’t resist the flow of the Universe. It’s all good — even when you think it’s bad.





Pursuing the Self-Publishing Dream

I’ve been pursuing my dreams pretty avidly all my life, but in 2000 things took a turn for the better.  And while the path has taken many a wild turn, I’m happy to share that following your dreams and passions isn’t that hard to do — once you clear yourself of the  internal blocks you have.

One of my passions from my earliest childhood years has been writing — and sharing stories.  When I worked at the newspaper back in the 80s, I was a managing editor and a journalist. At a small-town community newspaper, even as editor you do everything from typesetting to laying out the paper. I loved the job, but it paid pennies and I had to take another job just to make ends meet for my family.

But I never quit writing. Every job I had after that entailed some form of writing — proposals, grants, annual and semi-annual reports and more.  My first love is writing — and I’m very excited to share with you that I’m working on a new science fiction series that I can’t wait to finish and get uploaded.

You see, Kindle and other eBook readers are the place where authors need to have their work.  I’ve had an ephiphany in the last few weeks, and that ephiphany is leading to more book sales. Amazon’s Kindle is HUGE, and there’s a hungry market just waiting to grab up the latest and greatest in the “Kindle” eBook World. Besides Kindle, Sony’s got a reader or two as does Barnes and Nobles.  Many of these readers, like Kindle, have downloadable apps for computer use.  I didn’t even know that — which makes buying an eBook a whole lot easier — and a whole lot cheaper.

As a result of employing these new tactics for marketing Kindle books, I’ve seen a 1200 Percent increase in the sale of my books.  Yep!

So I’m pretty excited about the whole thing, ’cause there’s nothing better in the world (besides a smiling baby’s face, a soft kitten or an adoring dog) than sharing stories with folks.  Especially when I feel as I’ve helped or touched them in some way.

Life’s hard enough as it is without a little entertainment or uplift here and there.

So with that said, stop back now and then and check up on the latest.  I’ve got a whopper of a story that’s been waiting to be told.  It’s almost finished and ready to go up on Kindle.

And if you’re interested in finding out how to increase your Kindle readership, hop on over via this link and pick up my Become a Kindle Author Guide for less than two Venti Lattes — yep you heard me.

Kindle Book Guide

At $7.99, it’s a steal and will help you get your book up on Kindle — and market it at the same time.

Then come back here and share with me your experience.  I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Writing!