Re-Create Your Life Using the Lefkoe Method – Remove One Negative Belief For Free in Less Than an Hour

Shelly and Morty Lefkoe of the Bay-Area based Lefkoe Institute

If you’ve got 45 minutes and you want to change your life RIGHT NOW rush over to Recreate Your Life and listen to the 11 minute introduction, put your name and email address into the required spaces, choose one of three negative beliefs you have about yourself and follow his instructions.  DO IT NOW!

This process works.  You can eliminate a negative belief about yourself in roughly 32 minutes.  NO JOKE!  But you have to actively participate in his process.  Did I tell you it’s FREE?

No, this is not an affiliate link.  I don’t get any money to say this.  I’m telling you this because it WORKS.  I’ve known for quite a while now that negative self-beliefs sabotage all the good work we may be doing.  Whether or not you grew up in a dysfunctional home doesn’t matter.  We all develop negative self-beliefs about ourselves and this “persona” we create, this personal map of reality, is used to navigate this world.

This is not about the law of attraction (although I did attract this method to myself) – it’s about you being a vibrant creator, only you’ve so immersed yourself in your creation, there is now no distinction between being the creator or being the creation.

As we grow up in this life we interpret the events that happen to us.  We interpret them and assign meaning to them, thus creating a means to deal with the world.  None of this is a bad thing, it’s how we operate.  Only as we mature, we reinforce this map, this sculpture, this thing we have created through this continued filter.  We create and reinforce these beliefs and we operate as if those beliefs were true.  We’re our own self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, The Lefkoe Method (TLM) teaches you that the belief you have created is only one of many different interpretations that are available to you.  Unfortunately for us, what once worked as a child, no longer works as an adult and yet the belief system, the creation we have in place to deal with life, is still in place and oftentimes does the opposite of what we want: it sabotages the very things we seek to change.

TLM address two main components of our lives:  It eliminates the negative self-esteem beliefs that so many of us have as well as helping us to eliminate the survival strategy we developed as mere children to cope with this world.

You may have grown up in a Leave It To Beaver scenario as a child, but I did not.  And if you ask around, most did not (for those of you to young to know Leave it To Beaver it was a TV program in the fifties where life was almost perfectly ideal – white picket fence, lovely stay-at-home mother, understanding and participating father and every episode ended happily ever after).  Whatever your childhood, somewhere along the way, as is the nature with we humans, you picked up a negative self-belief or a coping strategy.

If you’re ready for serious change – then I suggest TLM – Recreate Your Life.

You’ve asked for change – what are you waiting for?

Let Yourself Unfold – Breathe and Relax

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