Wealth Beyond Reason 2.0


I am blown away. Bob Doyle has outdone himself this time. He has upgraded and revised Wealth Beyond Reason’s online program to help get you into the flow of attracting more of whatever you desire into your life. He calls the new program Wealth Beyond Reason 2.0.

This investment of $227 I paid in November 2006, is still paying off AND because I am student of the program,  I STILL have access to Wealth Beyond Reason 2.0. If you really want to fast-track yourself with learning how the Law of Attraction really works and make some SERIOUS changes in your life, then I’d hop on this train right now. Because on February 7, 2009, the price goes up to $347. Now’s the time to buy. If you find it expensive or too much at once, well Bob’s got payment plans to make it easier on yourself.  If I were you, I’d  go out there right now and sign up.  It will be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time.

And the beautiful thing is – you’re not throwing money away.  This is an investment in yourself that will be paid back if you complete the curriculum.

Since I made that first investment of $227 in November 2006, it’s been paid back to me many times over. Bob’s new WBR 2.0 takes you through the process step by step.   You can monitor your own progress and there is no-one over your shoulder, but they’re available for you to interact with if you so desire. With WBR 2.0 you’ll find:

  • Step-by-Step Systematic Approach
  • The Most Complete Law of Attraction Textbook Collection Ever Offered!
  • Learn Effortlessly through included Audio Seminars
  • Hear Directly from the Experts!
  • Hours of recorded teleseminars!
  • Cutting edge Mind Expansion tools!
  • The Power of the MasterMind Group!
  • Access to an online library!
  • Access to over $2000 worth of free WBR 2.0 Launch bonuses (only available through February 7th)

If you are serious about changing your life in 2009, this is the PREMIERE COURSE you need to TAKE.

What are you waiting for? What do you dream about? And what are you doing about it?

How about taking that first step right now.

You really really can have a better life.   It’s within your reach right now, don’t let go of it.


Show Me The Money


Most people want money.  This is a given fact.  Look at old Ben there with his pursed lips.  They look kind of tight  and judgmental don’t they?  He’s saying, ” tch-tch-tch.  Want me?  Come and Get Me!”  Believe it or not, this is a man who loved beer.  Loved it.  Love-love-loved it!  And he was a writer. And a newspaper editor.  First one stateside I bet.  So why is he saying, “tch-tch-tch?”

He’s amazed at what folks are doing with this law of attraction thing.  How they think  that right out the gate that they’re just going to sit on their couch and dream themselves the winning lottery numbers.

Folks sign up for this or that program designed to bring them money RIGHT NOW, RIGHT AWAY.   They buy this internet product or that, in hopes of achieving their life-long goal:  Get rich and then sit on the couch watching reruns of Jerry Springer.  When it doesn’t happen they get pissed off and walk away. Read the rest of this entry »