Meet Judy Rey Wasserman, Fine Artist of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image

I found Judy Rey through Twitter and I am thoroughly amazed and blessed by her unique and special art. She paints her pictures by composing the Hebrew letters from biblical text into paintings. When you visit Judy’s website, you see the slogan, “Changing the way we see the world, one painting at a time.” She means this in the literal sense.judyreywassermanphoto0705

Judy’s love of art started as a young girl with visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her father. She studied art through to College and even as a young girl, Judy realized that Art from many traditions could have spiritual meaning and inspire everyone. Thus, from her earliest childhood, fine art, Hebrew letters, and God seemed intrinsically intertwined.

It was in the summer of 2002 when Judy started pondering the fundamental Judeo-Christian belief that the world comes into being from the words of the Lord. She felt that if she could paint pictures using Hebrew letters for the strokes that it might convey those letters as symbols of the most essential wave motions. Using this technique, her art follows in the traditions of the Impressionists who strove to paint the light.

Judy calls her art, Post Conceptual UnGraven Image art, since the images themselves are not drawn or painted but their appearance comes about from the combinations of  letters, intertwined, mixed around, and layered over each other.

Judy’s first one-woman show was held in the Conservative Synagogue of the Hamptons in 2002, and that was followed by exhibitions in a convent and various other galleries. She is a member of the Eastern Suffolk Arts Council, and the Southampton Artists Association. We caught up with Judy in her gallery where she’s currently at work on a series of five paintings.

1. How exactly did you come up with this idea of painting using the symbols from Scripture?

Throughout my life I had tried various ways to show the physical and spiritual reality that lies beneath what we commonly recognize. As a girl my first attempt at this was to try to paint representations of atoms and turn them into images, much the way I paint now in concept, except painting a nucleolus and electrons many times over basically resulted in a muddy mess. Plus, I was using oils as acrylics had not been perfected the way they are today and water color pencils had not been invented.

The idea that when the Creator speaks the letters of those Hebrew words are the basis of our physical is fully held and basic to every branch and denomination of Christians and Jews. It comes straight out of Genesis 1. It is mentioned in the Talmud, the Jewish and Christian versions of the Kaballah and many other sacred texts. My artistic contribution and discovery is to use the Torah (Bible) font Hebrew letters to symbolize the scientific basic essences of the universe, the strings and branes of elementary physics. Torah font is the only font in any of the world’s languages that is alpha-numeric, phonic and binary. As such it elegantly represents physics’ strings.

As I began my first experimental painting I was thinking of Pissarro, a Jew and Monet, a Catholic, who set out to paint the light with their strokes. I set out to paint the energy and pre-matter of the physical universe.

2. Do you use specific pieces of Scripture or just random letters when you paint a picture?

The scriptures are specific and always noted either in the name of the work, such as Psalm 69 (Seagull) or in the information about the work itself. Care and work goes into choosing the texts for each work so that they are on some way relevant to the subject depicted.


3. Why do you feel that your paintings are charged with a special energy?

From the earliest works until today, I get many comments from people who see the original paintings and prints that they seem to have a kind of kinetic energy.   It is not an optical illusion kind of thing, such as with Op Art. The works just have a lot of energy and vibrancy. Whether this is because they actually are created of scripture, or because my focus and intent is to depict energy, I do not know. I keep learning amazing things about this new kind of art as I go along.

Possibly the most important discovery is that the artworks and images of them help people learn to actually see more energy. Our eyes actually see more energy, but our brains lack the visual memories needed to decode the impressions of light received from the eyes to reveal this energy. Ninety percent of vision happens in the brain as it decodes the impressions from the eyes into meaning. I just published an e-book about this, with Visual Exercise/Experiences to help people create and accumulate visual memories of seeing the energies that are everywhere. The Art of Seeing The Divine, Book 1: What Do You See? is available by just clicking the title.

4. Do you do commissioned work, for example, portraits of people?

Yes, I do.

5.Can you take a specific part of scripture and make a painting of it on commission?

Yes.  When I do a commissioned portrait for someone I am working with I absolutely ask for favorite texts in the Hebrew Testament that I can use for strokes. So far, I have only worked on portraits for people. However if I did a work of someone’s home, I would ask the client for favorite texts.

6. Do your paintings reflect the meaning of the symbols or letters?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, as the letters are in the paintings and drawings and so are always themselves, with their meanings and shapes, whether on can see them or not. Just like even if you were in a crowd, your presence would be contributing and be a part of that crowd.

No, as letters are actually thought to have special symbolism and meanings in Hebrew Gematria and Kaballistic belief. I have not done anything to purposefully illustrate that, but other artists have, such as Ben Shawn.

7. Why did you choose this method of painting, what inspired you?

Good question! What inspires me to paint this way? I do have a personal relationship with God that long predates my paintings using texts from scripture for strokes. The inspiration for the idea of painting with symbols as strokes, especially Torah font letters from Bible texts stems from my relationship and my ongoing spiritual studies.

I am honored to be able to paint in this way and help others to “see” the words of the Lord everywhere. Since Torah font letters are binary they also reference many discoveries in science and mathematics, plus duality concepts that are important to most of the world’s religions and paths. Thus, Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art is a vision that we can all share. As such, hopefully it is a step towards more dialogue and peace.

Finally, the works of other artists has and always will greatly inspire me. If I contribute anything of worth to the history of art it is because I learned from the masters – the incredible teachers – whose works I wandered among especially at the Met and also at MoMA as a girl. I was blessed with a home life that I avoided by hanging out at the museums and galleries, and I was befriended by two of the then greatest galleries, where I learned so much about how to look at art.

One of the things I learned is that each great artist offers unique vision of the world. For instance, J.M. W. Turner’s work certainly influences the Impressionists and van Gogh, but each of those subsequent artists used the understandings learned from Turner in a new and unique way. My own focus on the stroke stems from these great artists and their amazing strokes. Plus, Andy Warhol, who by the end of his career used symbols and logos in his works. Using letters as elements in a work is also used by Robert Indiana and Jasper Johns.

My work takes the ideas of using ideogram symbols (logos, letters, numbers) of late Modern and Contemporary Conceptual Art but uses them to create images in a more traditional narrative way. Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art is the first theory of religious art to be founded in the USA. It is also science based.

8. How do you choose the subjects for your paintings?

The subjects have sort of evolved into four current series, although others are planned. Each series is more about what I am working to specifically show within the context of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory. There is information on the web site about each of these series.

The initial one is Genesis: Sunset-Sunrise. This is the only series where the basic texts are the same for all the works, Genesis 1-2:7, and often Deuteronomy 6:4. This series deals with how we see the world, which includes our thoughts and beliefs, ending and beginnings.

The Essence series is portraiture, dealing with seeing the Divine in others.

Written of the Wind series deals with animals. It has to do with portraying the instinctive, even inspired way that animals relate to their surroundings as they perceive what we miss. This series was inspired by the animals of the tsunami, who if they were roaming free, for the most part, did survive.

Finally, the Trees of Life series depicts trees, both realistically and sometimes within religious or mystical contexts.

9.  Do you offer prints and where can someone purchase them?

It is very important for me to offer investment quality fine art prints as Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art is a vision that we can share. Having prints available has meant that others can show the works in their homes, offices and places of worship. One Christian lady told me that having my work, “is like having a open Bible in the house.”

Fall – part of the “Tree of Life” series

Early collectors of artists who have contributed new ways and theories of art have prospered from their collections. This is also true for those who were savvy enough to collect prints by Warhol, Picasso, Matisse and other artists at the beginning of their careers.

I wanted a relatively inexpensive way for more people to be able to collect my art. Having limited edition, signed and numbered prints provide that. It can be understood as an investment as well as a decoration that can bless someone’s home. Plus it helps share the vision.

I also use the prints  for fund-raising. I have given inspirational speeches and seminars at religious and civic groups and the prints are offered for sale with a percentage going to help the group. Plus there is a web-based affiliate program.

To purchase prints visit

More about Judy Rey Wasserman can be found at:

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Visit the the Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Web site to  freely download the booklet, The Manifesto of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art –A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Strokes. The new 3 + minute art video that visually explains Judy Rey’s self portrait signature logo is now on that home page and also on YouTube and can be seen below:

At the you can purchase the full-sized e-book The Art of Seeing The Divine, Book 1: What Do You See?

You can also get a 30 plus page free Introductory e-book that includes a Visual Exercise/Experience by signing up for the UnGravenimage monthly newsletter. You can also find out information about the latest Awakened Vision Webinar, and register for free (at the moment).

Judy Rey is also sponsoring a brand new group on Facebook: Sharing a Transforming Vision to Successfully Change Our Lives & the World

Dawn of The Age Of Aquarius 2-14-09

Standard Time Zones of the World as of 2005.
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When the Moon is in the seventh house

and Jupiter aligns with Mars.

Then peace will guide the planets

and love will steer the stars

These are the words from the Medley, Let the SunShine In/Age of Aquarius released and sung by the Fifth Dimension in May of 1969 – basically 40 years ago.  It won the song of the Year at the 1970 Grammies.

Those lines refer to an astrological event that is happening 2/14/09 7:25 am GMT, 2:25 am EST, and 2/13/09 11:25 pm PST.

With what has happened this year, the economy crashing and Obama being elected President, I would say that the old is on the WAY OUT and the new is on the WAY IN.

Read Jude Currivan’s blog about it here: The Aquarian Alignment 14 February 2009.

I only have a few minute window – as it’s snowing here in the Sierra (again) and the satellite will go down.

Blessings and welcome! to the NEW AGE!

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