Holistic Measures Can Lead To Sales Results

There is more to successful marketing than slick campaigns and careful packaging. To truly lead a company and its product or products to the pinnacle of success, holistic measures must be taken. From the company’s image right down to the point of purchase advertising, everything must click with the consumer.

Marketing efforts that really resonate with consumers tend to reach them in ways that are seemingly subtle, but very powerful nonetheless. They reach out and connect with people on a subconscious level, motivating them to act with their spending money.

A restaurant chain that wants to launch a new “must try” product might first draw on the image it has carefully produced for its corporate name. If marketing has been successful in the past, the restaurant will be a trusted entity in the minds of consumers. This in and of itself will often be enough to get consumers to give a new menu item a go.

The restaurant, however, will not rely on its image alone. It will employ other measures to market the new product as one that satisfies hunger, refreshes or even puts smiles on people’s face. It might even choose to sell the item by selling an emotion with the food product making a cameo appearance in commercials. The efforts will work in most cases because a holistic approach has been taken. The restaurant has a trusted image so its new product must be a good purchase to make. Consumers will reason this out and then respond with their orders.

Learning how to market a product from the corporate image right down to the item packaging itself takes study and skill. When the secrets behind successful efforts are understood and studied, success will follow.

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Last Chance To Get The Upgrade of the EFT World Summit

I don’t know about you but I just LOVED this program! Margaret Lynch’s tapping session about DEBT was fantastic. No wonder it’s hard to manifest $ – when you’re worried about the debt in your life it just takes all the wind out of your sails. Her session alone was worth it all for me.

The EFT World Summit was hosted by the folks who gave us the EFT documentary – Try It On Everything:

If you haven’t seen the documentary, pick up your copy here: Try It On Everything DVD Combo

The EFT World Summit Was A World Class Event

Wasn’t it just amazing? For ten days, we were been able to experience the amazing work and guidance from some of the top experts in the field of EFT “Tapping” through the EFT Tapping World Summit…it’s a shame that is now has to end…but it doesn’t have to end for you.

If you registered for the event, you still have a special opportunity to upgrade your registration to Gold or Platinum VIP status that allows you to OWN the EFT Tapping World Summit sessions.

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Whether in digital format (Gold) or audio CDs and printed workbooks in a beautifully bound package shipped to your door (Platinum VIP), you can take these sessions home with you and repeat them over and over, gaining more and more life-changing releases as you go through each session and discover new details with each new listening.

Before you upgrade your package, imagine for just a moment how your life will look a year from now as you look back on this decision to take control with this simple and wildly effective tapping technique.

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We’ve just learned that the team that brought you the event has negotiated an arrangement so that EVERYONE WHO UPGRADES will receive not just one, but TWO extra 4-week teleseminars with two of the experts from the Summit. Dr. Carol Look will be doing a 4-week training and tapping teleseminar on Creating Abundance, and Lindsay Kinney will be providing another special 4-week session called “I’m Stuck” designed to help you get out from under whatever is holding you back, break through repeating patterns and take complete control of your life, health and emotions. How cool is that?

But remember, it’s only for those who choose to upgrade now to one of the Gold or Platinum packages. There are also tons of other bonuses that come along with your upgrade…

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The experience of this historic EFT Tapping World Summit has been life-changing for so many people…whether they’re just been introduced to EFT Tapping or are seasoned “veteran tappers.”

Check out just a few of the hundreds of amazing stories being shared by some of the participants so far:

“I would like to share with you something very exciting. The day you [Margaret Lynch] were online, with the theme “debts” at the EFT World Summit I tapped along for hours, because my husband and I have really lots of debt. And yesterday we looked on our bank account and we couldn’t believe our eyes…we were out of the red figures and we had money on our account, how could this be? We got payments we didn’t even expect and I thought straight away: “That was because of the tapping with you, it must have unblocked the barrier and the flow is coming now. We repaid a big amount of our debts and the mountain has become so much smaller. I just had to share this with you, I’m so excited! Thank you so much to give your tools out so generously! Bless you!”
Klara from Bavaria/Germany

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU!!! This has been an extraordinary event…time definitely well spent! I’ve only recently heard about EFT and have been curious to find out about it….guess the universe knew it too…and brought this right to me! :-) Thank you for all your hard work and efforts in getting this valuable information out to all. Keep up the great work!! God Bless!”
Sunita Maru Kirpal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I have gotten SO much out of these talks…and the session I have done with myself have been profound…getting into the deepest layers of trapped emotions that I have ever gotten to on my own. What a remarkable journey!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication and for the marriage of Abraham principles and EFT. What a brilliant pair. Thank you…and thank you to all the presenters who are doing this brilliant work.”
Laurie Attridge – Cazenovia, NY

“I wanted to be one of the 40,000+ people whom I hope will contact you to tell you what a fabulous job you have done in putting this amazing event together! I am so grateful to be able to hear these amazing leaders in the EFT and related fields, thank you so much…Jessica is fabulous as the Hostess and her questions are insightful and divinely inspired, as to cover the most important areas of expertise of each of your guest speakers and it is wonderful to listen to these nightly sessions.”
Robin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“What an amazing program you have put together for this symposium. The information presented is so varied and brilliant. I’m almost on overwhelm. The speakers are exceptional. They have so much to offer. I’m learning a lot… and we’re only half way through!”
Anita Arsenault, Golden, BC Canada

“Thank you so much! I’ve just listened to the first evening’s sessions and already I’ve had a major breakthrough in understanding about a big problem in my life. As I’ve been tapping, the root of the problem finally became clear. Carol Look’s presentation has helped more than any other EFT instruction I’ve bought and listened to in the past. Perhaps because of my intention to finally understand and use this powerful energy work and because of her clear explanation of how to word things. Thank you! I will continue listening and tapping. I’m so glad I bought the platinum VIP pass because I want to be able to review this wonderful information and share it with my family. ~Catherine Clark – Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

There are literally dozens of people every day sharing their personal experiences of the EFT Tapping World Summit…it’s amazing and heart-warming to see how the world has embraced the tapping experience…if you’d like to read more amazing stories…the organizers have created a page where dozens of people have shared their stories and comments: http://tinyurl.com/c72v5m

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