10 Top Paying Jobs in the Private Sector What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

So what do you want to be when you grow up? Yes, the 10 Top Paying Private Sector Jobs look rewarding, but I haven’t included the cost of the education and if you look closely, it will be several years BEFORE the graduate can begin to earn those top dollars.

And look at some of the hours these folks put in. The average hours per year in a regular 40-hour a week job equate to 2080 hours.

10 Top Paying Private Sector Jobs:

Field Schooling Avg. Hrs. Ann. Salary Hourly Salary
Physicians 8 years 2188 $145,688.00 $66.59
Pilots – commercial 250 hours 1083 $128,606.00 $118.75
Lawyers 7-8 years 2042 $118,004.00 $57.79
Optometrists 8 years 1975 $116,043.00 $58.76
Med. Science Teachers (College) 6 – 8 years 2080 $115,786.00 $55.67
Marketing, Ad &PR Managers 4 years 2131 $103,883.00 $48.75
Law Teachers (college) 6 – 8 years 1552 $103,283.00 $66.55
Physics Teachers (college) 6 – 8 years 1626 $196,218.00 $120.68
Health Spec (teachers) 6 – 8 years 1877 $94,585.00 $50.39
Securities, Finance 4 – 8 years 2068 $94,005.00 $45.46

Now take a look at this:

Field Schooling Avg. Hrs. Ann. Salary Hourly Salary
Internet Marketing 1 year 1040 Up to $360,000.00* $346.15

*Potential Income based upon following a proven plan, 4 hours per day, 5 days a week

Look at Internet Marketing, a personal employment endeavor not even recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Biz Journal. I don’t think they’ve caught on to the fact that there is a quiet “create your own job” revolution going on under the seemingly silky surface of the internet.

Look at the *potential* you can earn as an internet marketer, if you follow a proven plan. Please note that disclaimer – I’m not talking about an overnight get rich scam, I’m talking about honest hard work – but with internet marketing you can earn while you learn. To become an internet marketer requires knowledge of keyword relevancy, SEO optimization, article marketing, PPC, CPA, and a whole host of other acronyms.

If you like computers, if you like writing or creating advertisements, then there are proven ways that you could earn that money. You just need to find the right programs to teach you how.

Let me suggest these to you:

Wealthy Affiliate Membership - $39.99 monthly fee (or $29.99 if you pay for the entire year)

The people who apply themselves can make up to $360K, but usually by the second or third year.  The Wealthy Affiliate Membership is for what you don’t know about the internet (or internet marketing), and it’s a great supportive environment.

So what do you want to be when you grow up?  Me, I’m creating my job in Internet Marketing, so that I may pursue my real passions – writing!  And interestingly enough, while doing internet marketing, I am writing!

Finally, a easy solution to learning how to make good money, read more about his at http://www.Squidoo.com/10TopPayingJobs.

The Law Of Attraction Works For EVERYTHING

The tree under which are pets are buried

The tree under which are pets are buried

My husband and I live on ten of the most beautiful acres that we could have ever hoped for.  The land we live on–we drew to us using the law of attraction.  But that’s not what this story is about.  This story is about a dog.

In May, we lost our Sheltie, Mischa, to the bite of a rattlesnake.  We didn’t know she had been bitten until well after the time for treatment.  (You only have a few hours for the treatment).  Our English Mastiff got nailed too and for several weeks was quite the sick dog.  It was her weight and size that saved her.  Mischa, weighing in at about 30 pounds, had no chance, especially with a snake fresh out of winter’s sleep, fangs loaded with venom, and 11 years already under her belt.

My husband’s had several dogs throughout the course of his life and Mischa’s death was hard on him, she died in his arms.  I am thankful for that.

As before when he lost his German Shepherd, I told him we needed to get another dog right away.  Especially someone who could hang with our English Mastiff.  He was reluctant, but he did agree that we would get a rescue dog, like Mischa was, again.  But this time I convinced him to try something a little different.

I convinced him to use the law of attraction to draw the dog to us.  So, in the manner that he likes to do we joined hands, faced the direction of north in our home and jointly said a quiet prayer.  It look less than 1 minute.  After he was done, he added the comment, “I think I like a dog like Bob’s dog,” which is a Brittany Spaniel.  We had both agreed that our new pet would be delivered to our front door, that HE (we requested a he) would come to us.

This request was put forth to the Universe the weekend of June 27th, the last Saturday in June.

The very next week, our neighbor, Bob, when we were over at his house to receive the instructions for feeding their horses and dogs while they traveled that weekend, just popped up and said, “hey, do you guys want a new dog?”  (he knew of our misfortunes with our Sheltie)  “He’s just like our dog (a Brittany Spaniel), he’s about a year old and he’s living in suburbia trapped in a back yard.”  (Country folk have a different take on suburbia, that’s why we’re in the country =)

A Brittany Spaniel

Our Law of Attraction Dog came home last night.  So all in all, that took less than a month for manifestation.

When you have no resistance, the law of attraction can actually move fast.

The law of attraction is an immutable law of the universe.  It’s always working, it’s always on.  It’s a 24-7 kind of thing.

So, tell me, how are you using it in your life?  For creating joy and things of pleasure, or to create suffering and pain?  It’s your choice you know.

If you are looking to understand the law of attraction better or want to learn how to attract love in your life, hop on over to www.Law-of-Attraction-Masters.com/how-to-attract-love/ and pick up your free, no strings attached, no list to join, e-book, How To Attract Love.

Oh, and don’t forget that one of the best experiences of unconditional love in the universe is pet ownership.

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