The Art of Living – The Living Art

I always wonder if people just think I’m talking out my a$$ when I write. I know it’s hard to believe someone can be real online, because there’s so many scammers on the internet and people are afraid to believe what they read. They’re afraid to think the person in front of them could be real.

In this age of internet connection to most anyplace on earth-it seems like we’re actually more disconnected than we are connected at times.

I’m a real person. Not some beer-bellied, gritty faced, teeth missing red-necked wearing a dirty and stained wife beater T.  (You know pretending to be someone else).  I’ve got all my teeth (except for a molar way in back) thank you very much, and while I may have a small pooch in front, I can guarantee it ain’t from anything other than that thing that happens to women after they hit 50: their metabolism comes to a screeching halt.  (Even though I love beer and can brew a pretty tasty batch).

I’m what you would call a true Renaissance person. My husband and I are hard core DIY’ers. We built our three story dream house ourselves. I can do just about everything but sing.   From Art to Writing is where I live.  Yes we’re all overachievers. Even my daughters.

I leave the singing to my youngest daughter, mother of my grandchildren, the oldest a freshman in high school and the youngest barely eight months old.

She’s a  great singer, with a cry in her voice that rivals Linda Rondstadt and Patsy Cline, (and no I’m not saying that because I am her mother) but she never made it to American Idol because she was always a year older than their age limit.  She sings with a band from work now and then in between mothering and careering.

So she works at Lawrence Livermore Labs instead. A worthy task I might add since the project she works on is all about oil-less energy. It’s called NIF and it uses nuclear waste as its power source.

A construction worker inside NIF's 10 meter ta...
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“The world’s largest and highest-energy laser was dedicated on May 29, 2009. In 2010, NIF will begin experiments that will focus the energy of 192 giant laser beams on a BB-sized target filled with hydrogen fuel. NIF’s goal is to fuse the hydrogen atoms’ nuclei and produce net energy gain – the same fusion energy process that makes stars shine and provides the life-giving energy of the sun.”

How cool is that?

My oldest daughter, a born athlete from the womb, works at NASA, at the Ames Research Center, near Palo Alto.  She’s working in the Safety and Hazards Department, which means she gets to go everywhere there.

NASA seal
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“NASA Ames Research Center will celebrate its selection as a 2009 Historic Aerospace Site by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) during a dedication ceremony scheduled on Tues…”

She told me that they’re planning to send her down to Florida for something or other.

(The only bad thing about where my girls work is that I’m also a SciFi’er from waaay back, [I've got a few SciFi stories I wrote involving NASA-it's the story of stories, one I've been working on for quite a while now-but now my daughter works there does that mean that they will think I learned their secrets from her? Speculation, speculation!] I mean, for real, I watched Star Trek when it first came out on TV–not as a rerun, LOL!  I was in Junior High.  And yes, I have all those movies–Star Wars too.  And I love computers so does that make me a Nerd?)

It’s hard to believe that we all lived on a mountaintop just outside of Yosemite without running water and electricity for several years.  Their formative-going-to-school years.  Well let me clarify, no electricity for two years and no running water for six.  We used to haul our water in 55 gal drums.  We all developed muscles carrying the five gallon water bottles into the house.

We used to bathe like the Japanese, sitting on a little stool, washing up then rinsing down.  We got running water when the youngest went into high school.

Those times were scarred by some dark memories, but ones full  of light as well: they both learned to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Merced River as it flowed straight out off Nature’s Cathedral, Yosemite National Park.

And then there’s the story of Ooodee, the owl, my girls had an owl when Harry Potter lay in creative slumber in the deep recesses of Rowlings’ spirit.

I’ve got bear stories and Bigfoot stories, red tail hawk stories, coyote stories, weasel stories (I could go on here)  — we’re blessed with so many animal (and Indian) stories that most people think we make this shit up.

I have to admit I’ve lived an interesting life so far--and there is so much more to come.

Today, I find myself very much alive and very grateful for all that life has provided.  I used to struggle when I was younger because I didn’t believe I was the artist I now know I am.  I used to think somehow I was fake because I looked at something to draw it, I didn’t make it up in my head, though now I do that sometimes when I paint and draw.  And the writing, well, that always came so easy to me if felt like cheating.

But I struggled with it: my writing.  Primarily because I had a book stolen right out from under me when I was but 22.  I used to think that there was something wrong with me when that happened.  It wasn’t until about two years ago that I realized there was nothing wrong with me: my book was good enough to steal and publish (by a major publisher I might add!)  I just took the wrong meaning from that event.  And there’s no use crying over spilled milk, it’s been so long I don’t have the original or the proof.

I thought about that again today, but not with remorse.  The gift in that is what I am doing now and the promise of more to come.  There is beauty in all that we experience if we but look for the silver lining in those dark clouds overhead.

Even if we lose everything - we still have ourselves and can recreate it again.  That is the beauty.  Once you have done something, created something, accomplished something, no matter what happens,  you own it forever and you can do it again.

No one can take that from you.


Bad things and good things happen in our lives like the ebb and flow of the tides, the waxing and waning of the moon, the pull and push of the winds. 

We are not our experiences, we are not what has happened to us, we are the LIFE, the First Cause from which our life emanates, we are the divine co-creators with the universe, we are the divine children of the Most High.

Life is indeed for the Living.

Whether you choose to accept it or not know this:

You Are An Artist.

And Your Life is the Greatest Piece of Art You will Create in this lifetime.

Isn’t it time that you step up and embrace the Art of Living: The Living Art.

Tell me Again – What Do You Dream About?  And What Are You Doing About It?

On any given day you can find me on the Western Slope of The Sierra singing my brains out (even though I can’t carry a tune in a bucket) just because I like the way it feels when it comes out of me.  No-one can hear me but the Great Mother and her children.

I have a feeling that I have a voice only a camel would love.

Yep, that’s it, I bet I was a camel singer in a past life…

And oh, by the way, I think breathing is highly under-rated.