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I really can’t describe the feelings here in the Brenner household.  This week we got a letter from the MidWest Book Review and they gave Changing Planes a 5 Star Review on Amazon.com calling it a


Pretty exciting stuff.

To read a copy of the review: http://www.changingplanes.net/book-review/

And another book review site already picked that one up.

You know, the Universe provides directions one step at a time.  And all you have to do is waltz along with it, step, step, turn, step, step, turn, and enjoy the journey.

Besides that, we’re also pretty excited with the stuff that’s been happening in the Affiliate and Article Marketing Business.

If you haven’t heard about that, check it out here:


You know – I’ve been on my spiritual path even before I rushed out through those Church doors many years ago, and I’m grateful to say that Father Mother God of All That Is,  was oh so much bigger once I left the confines of that box!

Which leads me to a quote from one of my articles:

“Religion is the fear of death while Spirituality is the death of fear.”  Laurie J. Brenner

Sequiche ComingDeer inspired that quote with his famous “the death of fear is in doing WHAT you fear.”

As we approach the 100 Day Countdown (marked as of September 23, 2009), I want to ask you – how is 2009 for you?  For me, it’s been one of my best years ever.

Not because of any huge book deal, or lots of money pouring in the door (though I am enjoying an increase there! Thank you very much Sourceo’Mine!) But because I’ve been following my heart and doing what I love.

And the universe keeps unfolding so many great gifts and little confirmations here and there that I truly am on the journey of a lifetime.  Every day just gets betterer and betterer (humor in grammar).

It’s wonderful to be alive this day-this age-this right now!

Blessings to you and all of yours this evening and I hope that what you desire is showing up or beginning to show up in your life.

If not, I have this great little book… or two…

Law of Attraction and Forrest Gump

Yes, I know I’m all over the charts with this website, but that’s the way that it is.  When I said, Notes Upon the Wildwind, I meant it.  Whatever the Wildwind brings me goes here.

I’ve had some really really great days lately.  I’ve got an understanding of the law of attraction that has opened up to me in a new light.  I’ve been working with “create your own reality” thoughts and ideas since 1978-79, but let me tell you, you can never understand enough.

As we move through life, we go through these spirals, layers and layers of experience and knowledge moving upward, expanding our consciousness. There are these moments when we cross where we’ve been before, energetically speaking, and we’re on a “higher” elevation of it.

But the past isn’t linear – it’s not laid out behind me in some straight line.  It’s more like the “self” the “me” of that moment is still there – alive – living in that time and I can look back and almost see her – like two dimensions coming together – only I appear as a ghost in hers as she does in mine.

Make sense?

We’re both having this Aha moment.  We both see each other.  The recognition is there  that this moment is so energetically charged because of the multiple-layered selves shared experience, this multiple Aha-click.  It is then that we briefly pause – make ethereal eye contact as it were, and with a tip of the hand to the imaginary hat we each move onto our own paths in this spiraling cornucopia of spirit, energy, and life, the more empowered because of the experience.

It’s amazing how our vibrations really do affect the whole deal.  You can be resonating on certain levels with different thoughts and feelings and these can manifest fairly quickly, others not so quickly.  Which means there’s resistance and/or a disconnect in that area.

Manifesting using the law of attraction is an incremental process in your life.  Some areas you’re really great at consciously manifesting quickly, other areas can be slower to manifest — but you move around – and work with the individual points as they come to you to work with – one step – one point at a time.

What’s really funny, it  that is exactly how we built our 5.9K square foot house.  Three stories, built by us — not by others.  Took three years, with the hubby working 100% on it and me on weekends and every third Friday (which I had off), vacations, holidays, etc.

One stick, one board, one nail, one wall, one floor at a time.  If you try to look at the big picture of your life and think of change or manifestation — you can be overwhelmed.  Instead find one small area that’s manageable and apply your consciousness there.

The braces will just fall away

Just start – stick with it – using the law of attraction to draw to you what you need – and then flow with it – take action when you are compelled to.

One step at a time.

Baby steps, but baby steps build into full fledged walking steps until you find the rhythm of your walk – and pretty soon you’re running.

and like Forest Gump,  once you start running and the braces just fall away….

You are run-ning.

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