Changing Planes Receives Top Honors In National Book Award Program

Here’s the official press release:

Changing Planes: a Metaphysical Fiction by author Laurie J. Brenner was named Finalist in the Fiction and Literature: New Age Fiction category by The National “Best Book 2009 Awards” October 18, 2009, and together with award finalists and winners from the nation’s top publishers and independent presses in the 2009 USA BEST BOOKS AWARDS.

Brenner was joined by thousands of contestants with books published by top publishing firms of Simon & Schuster, Penguin, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons, as well of hundreds of independent houses.

Changing Planes is a contemporary new age tale where you journey with Madison Reeves, a business executive, on a spiritual journey of the heart.  Madison, who avoids intimacy as if it were a disease, won’t admit to herself that it is her own heart that truly terrifies her: for buried there are painful secrets.

Escaping on a Bahamas vacation, Madison discovers that there is another force at work in her life, as odd things happen before she leaves the ground.  After landing in a terminal hung suspended between this world and the next, she is greeted by her long dead grandfather as she disembarks from the plane. It is here in this place between life and death that she must look within her own heart to unveil its secrets if she is to live free and face loved ones from a familiar past and an unfamiliar future.

Will she choose what her heart deeply knows is best?  Or will she turn and run again? Book your journey between worlds today and enjoy a near-cinematic passage that brings you face-to-face with a story your heart reads.

About the author: Brenner a native of San Diego, California, now lives in Northern California, on the western slope of the Sierra just this side of Lake Tahoe on her 10 acre slice of heaven with husband, Gordon, their two dogs, four cats and a myriad of creatures from the visible and invisible realms of nature.  For further information about the author, her availability for interviews, workshops, and books signings, or if you wish to order discounted multiple book copies, please contact her at

Go there now to read the first three chapters of Changing Planes for free.

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“I’m at the Helm, but I’m Not in Charge of the Wind”

At the Helm

At the Helm

My husband said that to me the other night.  I think he finally “got it.”  Though he does follow metaphysical precepts, having given up the religion and the Catholic Church for lent at age 16, this whole “create your own reality” thing didn’t quite sit with him.

That’s he and my daughter there on one of our sailing adventures.  She’d left the kids at home with dad to take a turn on the river or two.

And basically, that’s the way the universe works — you’re at the helm, but you’re not in charge of the wind.  HOWEVER, if you know how to sail, unless there’s no wind at all — and at times life is like that — you can go anywhere you need to go anytime!

A good sailor can sail most any wind.  If it’s too much, he can reef the main, if the wind’s at your back you can sail like the old Columbus ships used to sail.  But with a sailboat, you can slice along the side of the wind like there’s no tommorrow.

And there’s no annoying motor to stuff your ears full of nasty sounds.

There’s the beauty of the seal pup that follows at a distance and the glimmer of light that is cast into a trillion diamonds across the surface of the water.  The wind, she is Wild, and she will take  you on a journey you won’t easily forget if you let her.

That’s why our friend named our house a land yacht — she has that look about her and the winds, the Wildwinds, bless us with their bounty all the time.  And us being sailors and all, actually pirates, ARGH, but the good kind like Will Turner — my journey is to help ferry living souls where they can find a better life for themselves.

I do that through my writings and affiliate marketing.

So if you wonder why you might have issues with the law of attraction, just remember you are at the helm, but you’re not in charge of the wind.

So dear friends — you need to learn to sail.

Sailing lessons taught here:

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