Energy Healing Therapy – Heal Your Money Woes

I am a member of the Prosperity Tribe.  Yes, there is a monthly membership fee — but when you join and start participating in the calls — you’ll gladly pay that fee because IF YOU PARTICIPATE in the energy meditations — your life will change — almost immediately.

I’ve been on my spiritual journey for well over 36 years and I’ve seen a lot of stuff.  I’ve seen Gurus, Preachers, Apostles, Mentors and the like perish by the wayside because they can’t stay true to their TALK.

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Over these 36 years, I’ve experienced miracles, healings, participated in healings, had psychic experiences, seen a spirit leave it’s body in death, had animals communicate with me telepathically (we all have, we just don’t recognize it), been in the presence of angels and all kinds of wonderful stuff.

But I’ve NEVER seen anything work as quickly as Kristin and David Morelli’s Energy Meditations.  These people not only TALK the TALK, they WALK the TALK.  They deliver!

So that monthly membership fee — I’m glad to pay it.

I’m no slacker when it comes to manifesting either.  If you’ve followed along with me in my writings or on my websites,  you may know by now that I’ve manifested my dream mate, my dream car, my dream house to name the big ones.  There’s a lot of other things I’ve manifested right out of thin air.

Money though, has been a problem (in the past) to manifest due to all my subconscious blocks and chakra blocks about it.

When I started looking around for help to figure this out — I thought to myself, “how in the hell am I going to know when I have a subconscious block or not?”  By it’s very nature, the word subconscious means “below the consciousness”  HELLO!  how can you EVER know what you are not conscious of?

Listen to the Free Prosperity Call @ Everything Is Energy Here

This was frustrating to me and I did find ways to work some of these things out and yes, started increasing the cash flow in trickles here and there.

When I joined the Prosperity Tribe and started doing the energy work, through the tools provided by David and Kristin, I found out that you don’t have to know WHAT your blocks are to remove them!  That’s the beauty of energy work!

Everything Is Energy's Kristin & David Morelli

Everything Is Energy's Kristin & David Morelli

WOOHOO!  So I started releasing and zapping these blocks left and right and within THREE short weeks, clients started calling and money started flowing in larger clumps!

THREE SHORT WEEKS!  I am so amazed and so excited to see what’s coming around my bend!

And I feel so much more at peace with where I am, what’s happening in my life, both good and bad, and just am so excited to be living.

Listen to the Free Prosperity Call @ Everything Is Energy Here

How cool is that?

If you feel “attracted” to find out more.  Just hop on over by turning the page here and try out the Tribe for one month — you’ll find it’s worth it!

How Does It Work?

As a “Prosperity Tribe Member” You’ll Receive:

  1. “Laser Prosperity Coaching” by Kristin & David Two times per month, you will be coached by these two spiritually aligned multi-millionaires. During these coaching calls they will challenge you, inspire you, teach you, do intuitive readings and more. These calls will be 1 hour and every call will be recorded and available for replay. Value: $240
  2. Explosive Growth IncomeTraining One time a month, David and Kristin will provide Concrete Skills and Strategies to Catapult Your Income. These calls will be held every month for 1 hour and these calls will be recorded and available for replay. Value: $225
  3. “Get Your Questions Answered” Group Call Kristin and David will answer questions from LIVE Participants and Community Questions!  These answers are packed full of insight, inspiration, cutting edge tools to transmute Fierce “Real-Life” Blocks into Breakthough & Bounty! These calls are 30 minutes. Value: $125
  4. Digital Recordings of ALL-THREE Calls! Experience New Depths of Insight when you listen to these Calls again and again!  Take them with you on your iPod, CD, or MP3 Player (or just as an archive!) WOW!. Value: $300
  5. Exclusive “Members Only” site 24/7 Access to Areas Of Everything Is Energy that support your Emerging Prosperity and Purpose!  Be among the “Tribe of the Transforming”! Value: $100

And if you sign up before they change the *special* offer and bonuses, you’ll also get:

BONUS “Essential Energy Tools” Digital Recording Value: $39
BONUS “Daily Prosperity Meditations” Digital Recording Value: $39
BONUS Exclusive Access to Private Calendar for David’s Revolutionary Coaching Sessions (Cost is extra but Discounted for You!)
THESE WILL SELL-OUT so book early!)  Value: Priceless (you’ll understand why!)
BONUS Individual and Group Intention Meditations in every call. Value: Priceless

**BEST BONUS: as a Prosperity Tribe member you are supporting entrepreneurs around the world via microcredit loans. Every month, a percentage of your tuition goes towards supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries to start their own businesses (with otherwise very rare opportunities to create their own sources of income).  By joining the Tribe, you are helping a real person not only make great strides towards economic independence, but also improve life for themselves, their family, and their community.  We will share the beautiful and moving stories of those who you are directly helping by being a Prosperity Tribe member.  To make a real difference in the world -  what could be better?

Listen to the Free Prosperity Call @ Everything Is Energy Here

Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers Must Be FTC Compliant by December 1

Though many may be running in fear from the new rules set out by the FTC that will go into effect December 1, 2009, legitimate and upstanding affiliate and internet marketing businesses have nothing to fear if they provide the potential customer with the necessary disclaimers.

What Do The New Rules Mean?

Bottom line if you sell anything on the internet, your own products or market others’ products, you must provide disclaimers and notices to your potential customers of the relationships you have with other vendors and or affiliate products — and let people know that they may not achieve the results you’ve achieved with the products you are recommending and basically inform them of your affiliate relationship.

The idea behind this is “Buyer Beware.”

And we all know what it’s like to be taken in by a disreputable affiliate or internet marketer.  The idea is that all these relationships must be disclosed up front on the page of every blog with a link to a more lengthy disclosure.

A Lot of Internet Marketers May Be Afraid

Thinking that they may be losing businessbut if you’re honest, have integrity, stand behind your products and only link to those affiliate products that can offer guarantees or honest products that actually provide a service — there is nothing to worry about, as long as you read up on the required disclosures and provide them to your customers.

Get Legal Advice

I am not an attorney and cannot tell you how to handle this on your own website – so if you are concerned get legal advice.

For more information on the FTC regulations, read here:

Protect Your Customers

Legitimate marketers know that scammers are the bane of our existence.  How is a reputable marketer to do business when so many scammers look like the real thing.

This solution provided by the FTC may be something that can help, but as we all know, crooks find a way around any system.  But we need not worry about those who are operating in the shadows, if we ourselves make sure we’re operating in the light.

So all in all, I think this is a good thing whose time has come.

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