Sandra Carrington-Smith: An Author To Read

Sandra Carrington-SmithAs you may or may not know, I maintain an article directory called New Age Living Articles where I’ve had the distinct pleasure of reading and discovering a brand new author, Sandra Carrington-Smith who was posting articles to this site.

I enjoy her clear voice and her succinct descriptions, but more importantly, I enjoy the way that her words disappear and you find yourself wrapped in her story without even recognizing the transition.

Sandra Carrington-Smith is in my opinion, already, what a good writer aspires to: someone who doesn’t get in the way of their own writing.

So many authors today pontificate and self-gratify themselves with their own words, using words that people stumble over as they are reading. When I read a story or an article, I want to be transported from my life into whatever is the topic at hand, without words getting in the way.  I’m not into Litter-A-Chure, I’m into reading a good tale or reading to be inspired.

In other words, the writing must flow like water.

And with Sandra Carrington-Smith she makes me thirsty for more.

Both her books are available on for pre-order:

Housekeeping for the Soulthe Book of Obeah

More links to Sandra:

I’ved Flipped For My FLIP

FLIPIf I’d had a “movie” camera when I was a kid, I would have been making films. And that’s exactly why I’ve Flipped for my FLIP.

As a member of the Prosperity Tribe, I do a lot of energy work each and every week.  There’s the weekly calls, the ‘homework’ and then the stuff I do on my own.

There was a contest that you could or could not participate in about taking action — not just dreaming about your goals, but doing something about them.  For me, that is not an issue.  Yes, I’m a Dreamer, but I’m also a HUGE DOER.  How else could my husband and I build our three-story home on the side of a mountain near Lake Tahoe?  By wishing it so?  I don’t think so.  And built it we did.  All by ourselves.

Oh yeah, we had some help for foundation and grading, insulation and sheetrock, roof trusses and install of same, carpet and HVAC.  Yep that’s it.  We live in a great big beautiful house on the side of the mountain.  We live where most people vacation.  How cool is that?

So the idea of the competition was to take inspired action.  I didn’t have any inspiration whatsoever to participate in the contest, which involved sending in a couple of paragraphs or putting your face on film.

I followed my gut on this one.  Being open to yourself to taking inspired action is cool.  But for someone who is a HUGE DOER like me, learning when NOT to take action is just as important.  In fact, it’s huge.

The whole point is to get your subconscious working with your conscious mind (at least for me anyway) to create the prosperity in your life that you desire.  Moving big energy helps you to do this.  And then taking inspired action on your dreams.  I’ve been in the tribe since November 1, 2009 and have since earned back my monthly fee 50 times since then.  So that whole part of it is working.

I didn’t realize the side benefits I’d be receiving though.  Like feeling totally like a kid again, WooHOO!

I’ve been moving big energy here and really am grateful that I joined the Tribe.   So for me, being in the Tribe isn’t about learning how to take action, it’s learning how to move big energy.  And lots of things are happening in a big way.  And more quickly than I would have ever imagined.

So back to the topic at hand, I’ve known for a while now that making videos for promoting your website is something that is a really good thing to do.  People can “see” you, they can “feel” your persona, your energy, and basically can tell if you’re full of sh_t or not. And since I’ve got a couple of books I’ve written and would love to have folks read, I thot I’d do up a couple of videos and add them to those websites.  Let people “feel” me and know that I am indeed the real thing and not some fly-by-nighter out to make a buck.

In fact, I’ve learned that I don’t make money from people at all.  Making money is all about resonating with it and drawing it in.  That’s it.  What I like to do, absolutely love to do, is interact with people.  Touch them in some way, let them know how really great they are.  Inspire them to their greatest dream.  Share with them my stories, not just fiction ones, but the real life ones to.

Sidetrack – great quote:  What is the difference between truth and fiction?  Fiction has to make sense.

Yeah, that’s what I love to do.  Share stories, share life, share inspiration.

And the camera’s going to help me do that.

LOL, what I had not counted on when ordering the camera — thanks to the Universe — was what I would look like on film.

I set up the camera to photograph the hubby and I while we had our Friday night-its-time-to-have-a-beer.   I looked fine then.  And it was great for some good laughs.  I always knew putting a camera up would be fun, but what I didn’t know is how self-revealing it is.

If you want to work with energy in a big way, get a FLIP camera and use it to make a video log.  It’s is an amazing little device.  And I got mine on for $30 off.  I was looking to purchase a refurbished model (to save money, which I enjoy doing) and found that for about $40 bucks more I could get a brand new one — so I did that and am so glad I did.

I’ve always felt like my life was a movie anyway, and now I can see how true that is.

The camera revealed to me how others see me.  This is incredible.  It’s a gift.  I realize that I am truly a character.  I’ve got personality plus.  Not an issue there.  What I no longer have is the face of my youth.  Where in the hell did that go? LOL, knowing I’m 56 is one thing.  And no I don’t quite LOOK 56 yet anyway, but I don’t look even close to the way I did when I was 40 or 30 or 20.

I never realized how much vanity there really is in life.  I used to think one of those “lifestyle lifts” would not be so much fun.  I’m rethinking that option after seeing my face on camera. Yes, it’s vain I know, but I don’t care.

I’m also doing exercises on the face.  Have been for a while.  You know those old photographs where they show a picture of you and your dog, and how much they look like you.  Why oh why, did I get a Mastiff, so I could look at her and feel her jowls were bigger than mine, HAH!

Of course we are our own worst critics when it comes to this stuff.

But if you want to get real with yourself in a big way, and quickly, order a FLIP camera, do a video log and then put it on your computer and watch yourself.  Something happens big time.

By looking at myself on film, I realize that I am indeed worth loving.  I am worth knowing.  I am worth sharing what I know so that maybe someone else that comes along can do something inspiring for themselves or someone else.

After all, if you haven’t figured it out by now, you might want to look around — we really are all connected. Like my Native American brothers and sisters are fond of saying, “we’re all related.”

Oh, and stay tuned for a video update.  Stardate 2010.

Enjoy your day, it really is wonderful to be alive.  Try breathing once and while, consciously.  You might find that you enjoy it.