The Law of Attraction Works for Everything – Attracting a Dog

I did a blog post last year about about how the Law of Attraction Works for Everything.   And It truly does.  Most people seem to think that when working with the law of attraction you must desire money — not so.  Just create the desire for the thing that you want.  The universe will provide in it’s own time and way.

Unlocking the Law of Attraction Using Powerful Thoughts from Ezine Articles

Have you ever wondered how powerful your thoughts are? If you could imagine, just for a moment, your thoughts as people, what kind of people would they be? Would they be good people, would they be kind people or would they be nasty people? Would these be the kind of people you invite into your home? Or would you slam the door in their faces?

If you slammed the door on the idea of these “people” coming into your home — let me ask you this — then why do you invite them into your head, which is a more sacred space than your home?

You Have The Right To Choose Your Thoughts — Whether you recognize it or not, you have the right to choose your own powerful thoughts. The reason you may not be aware of this is that it falls into one of three categories:

—->Your Beliefs — what beliefs have you aligned yourself with that draw these thoughts to you.

—->Your Habits — what habits make you hold onto these powerfully negative and upsetting thoughts?

—->Your Self-Discipline- who is in charge of your thoughts — or do you just let any ‘ole thought in without realizing you have a choice.

If you are reading this article, it means you’re interested in gaining control. If you are serious about gaining control, the time has come for you to make a commitment

Commit To Thinking Better Thoughts — Make a decision about thinking better thoughts. Make a heartfelt decision about the thoughts you want to release from your daily life and then make a list of the thoughts you wish to entertain and actively invite into your life.

Here’s a sample list:

Negative Thoughts You Want To Release

* Nothing ever goes right for me
* I’m not good enough
* Why does this always happen to me
* When am I going to get this right

Positive Thoughts You Want To Invite

* I am getting good at letting go and letting it happen
* I am a child of the universe – I am perfect the way that I am
* I am attracting wonderful new opportunities into my life
* It’s so nice to know that I can move at my own pace

A small shift in your thinking can make a big shift in your life. You do have control, the time has come to take back control of not only your thoughts, but your life. Powerful thoughts married to powerful emotions create powerful events.

It really is OK to think happy thoughts and be happy, it’s not a crime!

For the most part I’ve viewed myself as a positive person, but it’s easy to be dragged down by the people around you, if you open up to them. The same happens to your thoughts. A good way to rid yourself of negative thoughts is to be aware of them. When you feel one coming on (and you will know by how you feel) just put a big white-lighted X over it and do what Wayne Dyer does, just say NEXT.

For more tips and tools on releasing your powerful thoughts head on over to: head on over for some freebies including How To Attract Love.