Changing Planes

Changing Planes –a 5 Star Award-Winning novella:

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“Changing Planes had me up into the wee hours last night. (Great company to combat my husband’s endless snoring!) I don’t know how my giant protruding goosebumps didn’t push him out of bed. Oooh, getting them again just thinking about it. Honey I think you just penned the next Celestine Prophecy! Been a while since I wept for joy but I was doing just that when I put the last page down.” Lynn Macintosh, Canada

“What a wonderful story! I could not put the book down from cover to cover.I could relate to Madison Reeves and her journey, her fears and her experiences. Brenner’s use of simile in the use of the mirror images of the two airplanes was wonderful in showing the parallels of what was and what could be in Madison’s life. I laughed and I cried and I loved this book! I highly recommend and I hope everyone finds this wonderful story.” Debra Pfleiger, California

“Laurie Brenner combines heart-felt emotion, psychology, fantasy, quantum physics—and, oh, yes, the ultimate wish-fulfillment in Changing Planes. Her characters, so completely drawn in very few words, drive the story on a direct but absolutely unknown course.

“Joy, Happiness, Love, Insight – terms so overused these days that we think we know what they mean, since to some extent, we all feel some of them at times, right? In “Changing Planes,” Laurie’s near-cinematic journey brings you face-to-face with all of these in a movie your Heart reads. Along with heroine Madison Reeves, you may also find your own Insight as you experience several of the most satisfying Aha! moments in print.” John Doyle, Georgia

“If you love goosebumps and tears then this is the novella for you! Follow Madison Reeves as she departs on a much needed holiday but after passing through lights resembling the Aurora Borealis, she finds herself and the other First Class passengers arriving at an airport terminal that is not the Bahamas… it is not even of this world.

What is Madison running from? What lessons does she need to learn? All is revealed on this not to be missed ‘Celestine Adventure’ as Madison encounters loved ones from the past… and loved ones from an unfamiliar future. And as for her fellow passengers… will they welcome the mirrored aspects of themselves or deny they have any choices to make? This is the perfect adventure to curl up with a hot chocolate this season, and make sure to cancel your plans as I guarantee this is a book you won’t want to put down.” Julieanne Paige, UK Be Inspired Today Stories