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Changing Planes

Changing Planes

In this metaphysical fiction, a novella, you’ll find Madison Reeves, VP of a high-end retail department store, headed for the Bahamas on a much-needed vacation. After passing through a cascade of lights similar to the Aurora Borealis while flying in a southern sky, everything quickly changes for Madison and she discovers that not all is as it seems. She gets waylaid and takes a journey few people experience. After landing at an airport terminal, Madison enters a place outside of time and space where worlds collide and all the rules have changed. Where is she? Heaven, hell, or somewhere in-between? No-one will tell her and she is soon faced with making a choice that could change everything that has gone before.

I will keep this brief. Today, my metaphysical fiction, Changing Planes, a paperback soon to be available from Amazon, is live. Everybody who has read this book, men and women alike, has enjoyed it thoroughly. Unbelievably, the men have cried and the women get goosebumps. Here’s what Lynn Macintosh said (she was one of my readers and a friend from the Boundless Living Challenge).

“Changing Planes had me up into the wee hours last night. (Great company to combat my husband’s endless snoring!) I don’t know how my giant protruding goosebumps didn’t push him out of bed.   Oooh, getting them again just thinking about it. Honey I think you just penned the next Celestine Prophecy! Been a while since I wept for joy but I was doing just that when I put the last page down.”

I am serious when I say I know this book will be huge. Get your copy now before everyone else!  It’s a great fiction and it teaches you spiritual things without seemingly doing so.

Get your copy today!

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  1. Debra Says:

    Mom, Just want to tell you I am lovin’ it!!! Will finish reading until the end tonight…


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