Core Wounds and Magic Healing

Magic Morgana

Each of us has a Core Wound buried deep inside that we keep protected, shielded, hidden — most often from even ourselves.  This “wound” becomes the platform from which we approach all life — and usually happens sometime deep in childhood, often before the age of 5, closer to 2 or 3.

This kind of wound isn’t covered over with a bandage, or wrapped in gauze.  Rather, this kind of wound finds protection behind a brick or block wall that keeps getting added to as we mature and age.

Think of the events in our lives like bricks — ones that continually add to this wall to protect ourselves and — our Core Wound.

The problem occurs when we want to bring something better into our lives — we find ourselves blocked, seemingly unable to move.  We may experience wonderful levels of manifestation, until we come up against something that is tied into our Core Wound.  And then we cannot seemingly get anywhere.  It is not because something blocks our path — it is because of the brick wall that we carry around with us.

Imagine life without this tedious construction always going on just past the periphery of our senses.

This past week I have been witness to the tumbling of my own Berlin wall in ways that I can’t even imagine yet.  But before Monday, October 11, 2010, I didn’t think too much on this Core Wound, even though it’s been there, all along staring me right inside the face.

After a quick session with transformational coach Morgana Rae,  (who is named after the sister of Merlin!) I received insight through her thoughtful guidance into this wound that I had really never looked at.  With just a few deft words, (and a magic wave of her wand), I’ve been pondering what she said since Monday — and today I received a flash of insight that allowed me to try something to bring this wall down and open this wound up to the healing graces of the Universe.

I ripped that bandage off, did a little meditation-visualization magic and voila! I could feel the wall shake loose.  Then later today, I received news of an increase in books sales to a bookstore of 500%.

It’s amazing what a little transformational magic and willingness can do.

Literally in less than half a second.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Art of Manifestation

Manifesting is an art

Manifesting is an art.  And everyone does it.  The life you are living is a manifestation of what you primarily focus upon.

This is the way that life works.

I know that many people watched the movie, The Secret, got their hopes up only to have them crashed back down.  The reason being is that they didn’t “get” how manifestation works.

That picture up there is a view out my dining room window.

Our dreams, our desires are like those icicles.  They become frozen within us and they stay in that state until we release them.

Most people don’t know how to do this.  They don’t know how to bring their dreams into manifestation.  They do know, however, how to manifest “crap.” And because a lot of people primarily experience the bad stuff they don’t believe the good stuff can happen for them.

Which is just more crap heaped on the pile that’s already there.

I’m here today to tell you that you can manifest whatever it is you desire.  It takes a few steps:

1.  Get clear about what you want.  Specifically clear inside and out.

2.  Remove the crap, the negative beliefs, the “this can’t happen to me” stuff that is in the way of bringing your desires into manifestation.  This is the hard part.  It takes brutal honesty and openness to go within.  This is where the true battle is.  The battle for valued life.  Get clear here and anything you desire is yours.

3. Embrace each moment you live with joy.  If you are continually bending your head backwards at what was or arching forward to what can be, you lose the power of the NOW.  The only moment we ever ever truly have is the one in which we are in this moment.  This is where all power lives.

4. Let go of what no longer serves you.  This isn’t about what someone else thinks you SHOULD or SHOULD not do.  This is about YOU knowing what no longer works in your life.  Why are you prolonging the inevitable?  Get CLEAR.

5.  Quit waffling.  Quit going this works, this doesn’t work,  no this works, no this doesn’t work.  Nothing can be achieved with ambivalence.  Set an intention.  Set a goal.  AN ACHIEVABLE goal.  Not some pie in the sky, I’m going to win a million bucks goal.  That is not reasonable.  Remember — what you have to manifest with is the tools in your life — if you don’t think something can happen — it won’t.  Set an ACHIEVABLE, BELIEVABLE GOAL. The reason for this is to reinforce to yourself that it works.  Once you get this knowing humming through your body, the world changes…

6.  Be easy with yourself.  Enjoy life.  Live, love, laugh.  Quit taking yourself so friggin seriously.  It’s no good if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing.

7.  Treat yourself.  Take yourself out on a date.  I don’t care how much money you do or don’t have, find a way to do something special for yourself.  Do it NOW!

8. Relax.  Take time to relax and breath.

9.  Start a meditation practice or some other centering practice.

10.  Love and embrace yourself completely.  Deeply and completely.

Manifestation works.  Period.  I have manifested everything in my life — both good and “bad,” although the bad parts had some really killer hidden gems that take some mining work to get at them.

Everything that is in my life at this moment is a manifestation.  I’ve manifested my dream house, my twin flame–my soul mate as it were.  I’ve manifested the books I’ve needed to read and the books I’ve needed to write.  I’ve manifested a whole bunch of physical things–a memory foam bed, a big screen TV, my dogs, my land, my cars — everything.  It’s a matter of discovering what one truly wants.

Nothing you desire can be kept from you — except by you.

Think about it.  What do you dream about?

And what are you doing about it?  When are you going to do something about your dreams?

Only you can you know.