Sandra Carrington-Smith: An Author To Read

Sandra Carrington-SmithAs you may or may not know, I maintain an article directory called New Age Living Articles where I’ve had the distinct pleasure of reading and discovering a brand new author, Sandra Carrington-Smith who was posting articles to this site.

I enjoy her clear voice and her succinct descriptions, but more importantly, I enjoy the way that her words disappear and you find yourself wrapped in her story without even recognizing the transition.

Sandra Carrington-Smith is in my opinion, already, what a good writer aspires to: someone who doesn’t get in the way of their own writing.

So many authors today pontificate and self-gratify themselves with their own words, using words that people stumble over as they are reading. When I read a story or an article, I want to be transported from my life into whatever is the topic at hand, without words getting in the way.  I’m not into Litter-A-Chure, I’m into reading a good tale or reading to be inspired.

In other words, the writing must flow like water.

And with Sandra Carrington-Smith she makes me thirsty for more.

Both her books are available on for pre-order:

Housekeeping for the Soulthe Book of Obeah

More links to Sandra:

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