The Primer To Becoming Stronger

In this short video that I made for my book, The  Little Book of Becoming, my daughter Rachael  (photo below) sings a cover of Faith Hill’s song Stronger. Though I love music and all the creative arts and I love to sing – trust me when I tell you that if you catch me singing – I will hurt your ears.

pictures-007I only sing in front of those people who I’ve known a long time, family, or they love me unconditionally, because when I sing, the wild turkeys on our land gobble, the dog howls, and the mother person, the pirate at 81, asks me if I’m hurt in any way or in pain.  Even at 81 she’s still got her sense of humor.  And no, it doesn’t hurt my feelings.  It’s the truth.  I just don’t have the voice for it.

It’s a joke I tell folks – I can do everything but sing.  Like Mary Poppins I am practically perfect in every way – but that.  It’s what keeps me planted with both feet on the ground.  Where I sing is in my paintings and in my writings, stories, blogs, articles, poetry and novellas and my interactions with those I meet.

But Rachael, my baby daughter, who is a mother herself and in her early thirties can sing the socks off of most anyone.  I recently asked her to sing a song for me to make a little video promotion for the Little Book, but alas, right now, she’s got a cold and being the impatient Aries I am, I couldn’t wait.  So I used another song she sang for me one day.  She had bought this new inexpensive microphone for her computer and decided to give it a try.

This is a song she sang for me on a one shot deal – a capella – which is latin for “in the style of the chapel” and refers to singing without independent instrumental accompaniment.

I put some pictures to it and added my quick advert at the end.  So from my heart to yours – through my daughter’s voice – enjoy!

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