Pursuing the Self-Publishing Dream

I’ve been pursuing my dreams pretty avidly all my life, but in 2000 things took a turn for the better.  And while the path has taken many a wild turn, I’m happy to share that following your dreams and passions isn’t that hard to do — once you clear yourself of the  internal blocks you have.

One of my passions from my earliest childhood years has been writing — and sharing stories.  When I worked at the newspaper back in the 80s, I was a managing editor and a journalist. At a small-town community newspaper, even as editor you do everything from typesetting to laying out the paper. I loved the job, but it paid pennies and I had to take another job just to make ends meet for my family.

But I never quit writing. Every job I had after that entailed some form of writing — proposals, grants, annual and semi-annual reports and more.  My first love is writing — and I’m very excited to share with you that I’m working on a new science fiction series that I can’t wait to finish and get uploaded.

You see, Kindle and other eBook readers are the place where authors need to have their work.  I’ve had an ephiphany in the last few weeks, and that ephiphany is leading to more book sales. Amazon’s Kindle is HUGE, and there’s a hungry market just waiting to grab up the latest and greatest in the “Kindle” eBook World. Besides Kindle, Sony’s got a reader or two as does Barnes and Nobles.  Many of these readers, like Kindle, have downloadable apps for computer use.  I didn’t even know that — which makes buying an eBook a whole lot easier — and a whole lot cheaper.

As a result of employing these new tactics for marketing Kindle books, I’ve seen a 1200 Percent increase in the sale of my books.  Yep!

So I’m pretty excited about the whole thing, ’cause there’s nothing better in the world (besides a smiling baby’s face, a soft kitten or an adoring dog) than sharing stories with folks.  Especially when I feel as I’ve helped or touched them in some way.

Life’s hard enough as it is without a little entertainment or uplift here and there.

So with that said, stop back now and then and check up on the latest.  I’ve got a whopper of a story that’s been waiting to be told.  It’s almost finished and ready to go up on Kindle.

And if you’re interested in finding out how to increase your Kindle readership, hop on over via this link and pick up my Become a Kindle Author Guide for less than two Venti Lattes — yep you heard me.

Kindle Book Guide

At $7.99, it’s a steal and will help you get your book up on Kindle — and market it at the same time.

Then come back here and share with me your experience.  I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Writing!