The Meaning of Abundance

Oftentimes folks get so caught up in themselves and the meaning of abundance that they cannot see what is in front of their face.  Abundance is not just about money, but about the overwhelming abundance of nature.

Saturday last, my husband planned on some target shooting with his son toward floating targets in the pond.  We’d had a week of relatives from Ohio in and they’d just left.  This was to be some great father and son time.  Only when they went to shoot, the spring on the 22 rifle was sprung.  Then they went and got another gun.  It didn’t work.  My husband decided that the Universe was saying something to him and put the guns down.  (I say a great big thank you to the many friends from the unseen realms that stopped them from shooting – the fairies and such that are so abundant here).  Instead he and his son talked for hours on the back of the truck under the huge oak.


Lo and behold, the very next day the answer as to why they couldn’t shoot became very clear.  Out in the pond, the newest additions to our ten-acre piece of heaven decided to make an appearance.  You can imagine our suprise when the two Canada geese that have been visiting us since 2003, brought their five baby goslings into the pond.  These goslings are about a week old.  They were born here, on our land.


To me this is abundance.  The Mother has graced us with a beautiful gift.  These wild geese “feel safe” on our land – safe enough to have this year’s babies.  Henceforth, these babies will migrate here to their own birthing grounds.

Nature is incredibly abundant and evidence of the remarkable well-being that is prevalent on this our home, earth.  Above you can see the does (only some of them that visit here) that leisurely, eat, rest, and ahem…


Another gift – our pair of mated red tail hawks.  I caught this one landing on top of one of the tallest pines on the ridge opposite our home after soaring through the sky with its mate – a courting dance as it were.  All of these photos have been taken from my deck.

We often mistake abundance to just mean “Money,” but it means much more than that.  Abundance is health, wealth, joy, and the time to experience it all, among many other things.  Nature is overflowing with abundance.


Take the time to go out into nature this week.  Sit quietly, you might be surprised at the gift you are given.  If you but close your eyes and listen you will hear the buzz of well-being.  When you look at what nature shows you – you will find that she is rich with well-being.  She is rich with peace.  She is rich with abundance.  It is every where  you look.

You just need to open your eyes. Be thankful. Be ongoing.

Abundance is everywhere.


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