What Is It About Gratitude Anyway?

gratitude energyI’m involved in a program called the Prosperity Tribe which is a monthly subscription program hosted by multi-millionaires David and Kristin Morelli.

David is an energy master, and Kristin is a master of money — in all its forms.  She retired from full time work before she was 30 on her own efforts.  She’s got a business savvy that goes beyond words.

And well, David, he shifts energy easier and quicker than a Pacific Gas and Electric sub-station.  They also host the radio show, Everything is Energy, which in one year went from 0 to 300,000 listeners — and it’s still growing.

All of this is testament to the truth of what they are all about.  But that’s not what this blog post is about.

This blog post is about gratitude.

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard it all before.

Betcha haven’t.

Bear with me a moment.

What we do in the Prosperity Tribe is learn to shift the energy in our own lives.  The idea being, why deal with the symptoms when you can go to the source and cure the ills that way?  Makes sense doesn’t it?

We’ve been working with releasing energy patterns that are stored way down in our subconscious that actually work to prevent the good stuff from happening in our lives.  Me, I’m there to release all my crap about money.  And there’s a lot stored down in there.  After 56, nearly 57 years of living, well, I’ve developed plenty of storage space for all this stuff.

I’d been feeling a bit down (as it sometimes happens when you’re shifting energy) and beating up on myself (which is what you’re NOT supposed to do).

So New Year’s day came and I made a complete fool of myself.

What I’d been doing internally showed up externally.

I tripped over one of those parking curbs in a parking lot and slammed my face to the pavement, essentially developing a huge egg on my forehead accompanied by the sweetest looking strawberry that splayed across my entire face from my forehead to my upper lip.  I also bruised and injured a few other places, but not as evident as what appeared upon my face.

What I’d been doing internally showed up externally.

The second day I looked like a prize fighter.  My husband asked me if I wanted him to cut my eyes with a razor like they did with the prize fighters.

I didn’t laugh.

In fact, I continued beating up on myself some more.  It took me three days to get over  this foolishness.

By Monday, I’d had enough — so I went back to the gift from Kristin and David — a Thanksgiving meditation, put on my ear phones and plugged into the I-Pod and I listened to it again.

Essentially it’s one of David’s great creative visualization meditations that aid you in filling up with golden life rejuvenating energy.  And then you take that energy and bring it down to your heart where you let it sit and experience it as thankfulness.

It was what happened next that blew me away.  And the funny thing of it is — I know this — but had forgotten it because my life had become so much better over the last decade.

David asked us to feel gratitude for the stuff we didn’t want in our lives.

WHAM!  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  This was something I’d been doing most of my spiritual journey, back when the scales were weighted toward the negative expressions in my life and circumstances.

I knew then to have true heart-felt gratitude for everything good and bad, but after 1994, my life had gotten so much better, that I started to forget to have gratitude for more than just the good stuff.

I immediately felt true thanksgiving for falling on my face.  This uplifted my heart immediately.

And then the next day we started to receive an influx of income opportunities for my husband’s business.

You see it’s really easy to be grateful for the good.

What’s not so easy is to be grateful for the not-so-good. Any fool can be thankful for his wonderful food, his car, his house, his family — that’s easy.  It’s the negative expressions of life for which one forgets to give thanksgiving.

When your heart is truly thankful for everything that shows up in your life, good or bad, you are effectively removing all resistance to that which you desire, making it easy for it to show up.

Most of the time we carry around resistance to our desires in the form of stored energy patterns.  Thankfulness melts that resistance — especially when it is real and for the wanted AND unwanted.

True heart-felt thankfulness is read by the Universe as a YES! to life and the Universe can’t help but respond in kind.

It’s simply It’s Nature.

So next time when something bad happens, open up your heart and say thank you.  There is a silver lining in that dark cloud.

If you want to find out more about the Prosperity Tribe follow the link.  I think they still have the special going on where the first month is only $47.  The normal monthly fee is $97 — and I’m not going to twist your arm to come on over.

I really don’t care if you join or not.  I’m there and I understand it’s worth.  Every month I have paid that fee, I have received it back at least twice that amount and or more since I joined.  And this month we’ve hit the exponential numbers on that amount!  WooHoo!

Go ahead, I dare you, what can you be thankful for that’s maybe not so wonderful in your life?

Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

But know this: it must be real gratitude.

You can’t fool the Universe.

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