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Publishing Support

Written By: Laurie J. Brenner

I can help you publish your book and get it into Amazon. Price ranges for publishing services vary based upon what you need done, so packages are tailored to your needs.

Most publishing companies want to charge you a minimum of $950 to publish your book with Print-On-Demand Publishing — which is outrageous. You can do it yourself for a less than a few dollars, not including hiring someone like me.  Even hiring someone like me, depending upon what you have done, will not even come close to $950 — unless you’re having me do some ghostwriting — I can guarantee that.

Contact me for specialized pricing for any one of or a combination thereof:

Proofreading, minor corrections
Upload and formatting for trade paperback
Cover Design
Author Website Design
Book Trailer
Book Press Package/Media Kit
Kindle Publishing
eBook Publishing

Look at the cover above, I designed and created that cover after obtaining art for the background at a very reasonable cost — for use on a book cover — less than $10 for that use.


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